The Lost Opera

The Lost Opera


The Lost Opera

One estranged friend, a collection of tapes,
and the lost opera

It’s been raining all day yesterday, and even though the storm clouds have started to clear up, everything looked bleak, as if the rain had drained all colour from this world.

You and Jared used to be somewhat close friends in high school, but drifted apart during your university years. You often ended up at the same parties, sure, but this is where Jared started turning into that "literary" type. You remember him becoming a bit stand-offish, bookish, rich on Oscar Wilde quotes, and deeply fascinated with folklore. It was no surprise to you, that Jared continued pursuing his scholarly interests in grad school. But that's the last you've heard of him - you haven't talked to Jared for the past few years.
Imagine your surprise, when out of the blue, you have received a parcel from your long time estranged friend with a cryptic message, a handful of tapes inside, and no return address?

In Media

November 15, 2021

Alia is interviewed by Rue Morgue as Horror and Opera’s Haxan receives a flattering review

July, 2021

Horror & Opera is recognized as “Project We Love” by Kickstarter Platform and funded at 175%

October, 2019

Alia is performing a live score to “Call of Cthulhu” at Grand Gerrard Theatre